Chipotle to test tofu option

by nomeatbarefeet

I don’t mind eating at Chipotle. It is step up from “fast-food” but a step down from “sit-and-wait-for-it-to-be-cooked-for-you food.” Also, they do a decent veggie burrito and a decent veggie bowl. Till now their options have been a combination of straight beans and rice, or their sautéd veggies option (which they tend to skimp on! Load it up, please!). Both are good…but now there is word that they are testing tofu in the San Francisco area. This would be great, as it sounds like the preparation would be pretty tasty (braised in tomatoes, chipotle sauce, and poblanos).

You can read the AP story here. Assuming that the customer feedback goes well, perhaps I will be trying it…though probably later than sooner.