Living Deliberately Project – Week 4

by nomeatbarefeet

The end of Week 4 of the LDP finds us in a great position for the month: we only spent $6 this past week (on some wine), which leaves us with $14 to see out the end of the month.

It does seem that wine or beer is going to be a consistent weekly expenditure, at least on those week that we do not eat out—in the grand scheme of things, however, I think that is fine for two reasons: (1) we like beer and wine, and there is nothing wrong with that; (2) including alcohol in this challenge ensures that we keep an eye on how much spend.

However, the first replacement appliance needed to be purchased: our old toaster died. It is replaced and good to go. Hopefully nothing else will bite the dust anytime soon. We also had to replace some deodorant. Jon picked up some Herban Cowboy (which he reviewed the other week.)

That is all. Excited to finish out the first month without going over budget!



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