the Wild Man Beard Conditioner experiment

by nomeatbarefeet

Those with beards know that a dry beard = a sad beard 😦 The presence of a sad beard usually coincides with the winter months, as the dry air and the constant showering tend to dry it out. An issue for me has always been flaky beard, which is a bit awkward and noticeable on my black shirts for work. eh…For a while now I have been looking for something that would help to moisturize and condition it…

…alas, mana from Etsy! I found Wild Man Beard Conditioner (in “The Original” scent) from WildRoseHerbs. It is an blend of essential oils to help to “mimics your skin’s natural moisturizers”—it also works really well on other dry areas.

I have decided to eschew anything else and just stick with Wild Man. I picked up a 50 ml bottle at Healthy Living and have been using it for the past few days. So far I have seen a noticeable absence of dryness and flakiness. I will continue to give this a try, but so far I am really happy with the outcome.

Head over to the WildRoseHerbs store at Etsy and checkout all of their products (click the picture below). I plan on investing in more of their line when I get a chance (which means for a birthday or as a gift…)