Living Deliberately Project – Month 1 Recap

by nomeatbarefeet

The end of the first month has come, and we have stayed exactly on target! The final week of Month 1 saw us frugally spend the rest of our $14 on Box-of-Wine. At least this way we can get a long haul out of it. (Yeah, thats right, a box of wine…don’t hate.)

The real challenge this past week was having our refrigerator die last weekend and then being without one until Thursday… that is 6 days without refrigerated food! We had to eat day-to-day, often times eating boxed and canned foods. It sucked; not gonna lie. Luckily our landlord finally got on the ball and got us a new one.

Katie took a risk and purchased some Thai Crystal Deodorant. As we have said before, vegan deodorants are not antiperspirants, so she will just have to try it out and see how it goes (since she cannot buy a new one, as per the LDP restrictions). Jon’s beard conditioner experiment with the Wild Man conditioner is going well, with the sad beard 😦 slowing turning into a happy beard 🙂

On a real positive note: one of us (Katie) is now credit card free! Though it did not come from saved money (Katie was able to use money refunded by overpaying on a loan), she is now out of credit card debt; this just leaves Jon to deal with.

We head into Month 2 with a real desire to keep things going as well as they have been. It sucks that gas and groceries are so much—we cannot wait for our new CSA to start up this summer! That will really help to keep our money in check!