Legs&Lungs – Products for a Culture of Inspiration

by nomeatbarefeet

We are the culture of Superhumans, doing amazing things, creating epic experiences and leaving inspiration in our wake…oh, and we also sell unique clothing and apparel.

The interweb is funny. Actually, it’s ironic. Ok, maybe serendipitous. Alright, I don’t know how to describe my stumbling across Scott Spitz—vegan, long distance runner, advocate for animals. Probably it was my longing to find other vegan athletes who weren’t Scott Jurek.

“The Shining” Shirt

This searching lead me to Scott Spitz (hmm, another Scott?). I won’t delve into his amazing athletic exploits…but you can over at his blog runvegan.wordpress.com. This post is about bottling inspirational experience and helping others connect with it.

Legs & Lungs.

It is a simple idea; coupled with simple execution; but it has produced a unique result. The website and the products are visually clean and classy. Minimalist, if you will. (Hmm, maybe that is why I like them so much?) But Legs&Lungs also presents a culture that “embodies that distinct feeling of satisfaction and reward when ther run is over, the legs have stopped turning and the body begins to rebuild itself.” I know that feeling. I know that moment of quiet repose after the run when you are washed over with a sense of accomplishment. I asked Scott how this experience, which many of have, led to Legs&Lungs:

The idea came into my head while out on a run. I was really drawn to the repetition in the iteration of the words and how it parallels the repetition in our movement, training, days, etc. Sometimes it seems the only thing that matters is our legs and lungs. Then I wanted to take the inspiration and value I get from running (cycling/being active) and offer an expression to others through the L&L community.

I run alone. But I love the feeling at races when, afterwards, you can sit and enjoy a sense of “we all just did that.” The shirts, stickers, (soon to be available hat) are a means to connect with and express to other the concept of Legs & Lungs. Post-run or post-cycling or post-whatever.

Woodcut print: It speaks the truth

Community is at the heart of Legs&Lungs. Scott wants people to engage with each other; to discuss and connect with others who “get” the idea of Legs&Lungs. He has begun to put up videos and interviews with different individuals on the blog section of Legs&Lungs. (Check out this interview with ultrarunner Scott Breeden.) Running (and cycling as well I’m sure) has an amazingly diverse culture of people, and I see Legs&Lungs as trying to bring this diversity together in one place—putting a hodge-podge of interesting inspirational components into one box that we can all access and we can all get something out of.

I instantly connected with the clean, minimal look and the monochromatic color scheme. I think the idea that surrounds the products is more about a sense of community, of connecting with those other individuals who’s Legs&Lungs scream and burn just like our own.

The Team shirt

Hopefully you can checkout rest of the products at the webstore, drop a comment on the FB page, or hashtag your instagram feed with Legsandlungs. When you experience your Legs&Lungs, share it.

We know the stories of the gods. We’ve read their exaggarated tales and laugh with the knowledge that our feats are no less heroic, but all the more real.

Run Más


*I am not being compensated for this post, beyond the satisfaction of helping a fellow vegan; runner; and advocate for animals. The concept of Legs&Lungs simply resonated with me and wanted to share, with all of you, what Scott is doing. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.*