From Nomeatathlete: My Answers to 3 Questions about Protein, Avoiding Injury, and Vegan Cheese

by nomeatbarefeet

My Answers to 3 Questions about Protein, Avoiding Injury, and Vegan Cheese.

I thought that I would reblog this little entry from No Meat Athlete. It is a great post that addresses 2 basic questions about being vegan, and one basic question about avoiding running injuries. (I did a post about minimal footwear a while back. You can read it here.) “The Protein Question” is something that every vegetarian/vegan will be asked ad nauseum, so it is always a good idea know how to respond. Matt includes some very helpful information, including the following link to the USDA Dietary Reference Intake calculator (which I thought might be nice to put here as well). That calculator is pretty neat, as you can check out an incredible range of all you should be taking in over the course of a day (from calories to protein to Vitamin A). Pretty helpful.

I recently had a conversation with a coworker’s boyfriend at work the other day, and he asked the ubiquitous question of, “Well, what do you eat?” Most times, including this one, there was no malice or condescension: he genuinely wanted to ask what vegans eat. I work in a great environment in which people are usually quite interested in what I eat (it helps that we love to cook!) I find that it is always a good thing to converse with people, because it not only helps to strengthen who you are but it also serves as a space in which you can communicate and share with others. I hope that others find the repost useful.