Living Deliberately Project – Week 8

by nomeatbarefeet

This week in the Living Deliberately Project marked two firsts: Jon had to purchase dinner at work for the first time in two months; this because we were a bit underprepared in the food deparment (needed a $7 sub); Jon also had to make a necessary clothing purchase—ok, in all honesty there was a need for new underwear. There you go 🙂 So, those two things aside, we wound up spending $25. Katie starting a week off from work, so we picked up a six-pack of Long Trail Ale and then today we got some lunch out.

That leaves us with $12 for this last week of month 2 of the LDP.

Since school is off this week there is a chance we might head back home to visit family, which means possibly spending money. We will try and keep things within the remaining $12 for the week, but since the month ends on Thursday we can get a bit of a break by starting from scratch on Friday. That might mean sneaking over to Strong Hearts Cafe 😉

That’s it for the week. Not much to tell.

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