Leahey Gardens Instant Mac and Cheese Review

by nomeatbarefeet

The above image is of gorgeous pasta.  Instant mac and cheese doesn’t really conjure up a sophisticated image like this, but believe me, once you have (as a plant based eater) found an instant mac and cheese that you love, you see it in this light!

Enter Leahey Gardens Mac and Cheese or Cheese Sauce (which is what I buy now, in big bags from Pangea… and use my own noodles)

If you are looking for a smooth sauced vegan mac and cheese, this is my personal favorite.  The cheese sauce contains: unbleached flour, corn starch, yeast extract, nutritional yeast, palm oil, corn syrup solids, tomato powder, sugar, salt, natural flavors (contains canola oil).  Leahey’s makes a gluten free option as well.  If you are a recent vegan and are looking for a Kraft or Velveeta taste, you won’t find it here, but after 2 years of plant based eating, this is cheese to me, and I LOVE IT… Seriously, I’m addicted.  Jon rarely gets any because I eat it for dinner without him all the time.  It is hard for me to explain the flavor, it is smooth and creamy, somewhat nooch tasting.  It is very different from Road’s End Organics Shells and Chreese, so if you don’t like that, try this!!

Since I am doing a piss poor job of telling you what it tastes like, I will tell you some pros and cons about texture and what not…

Pros: creamy, inexpensive, relatively low in calories, sauce is great for anything (veggies, dips, etc), easy to make… and yes I know the measurements by heart, & damn delicious!

Cons: We have to order it, no one around here carries it, decent fat to calorie ratio, um, that is all.

well, this might be the worst review ever because I am super bias, and bad at describing a plant based product, because it is hard to compare it to an omnivore taste.  Just give is a delicious chance!