Katie ~ An Update

by nomeatbarefeet

Be like the bird who, pausing in her flight awhile on boughs too slight, feels them give way beneath her, and yet sings, knowing she hath wings.

Be like the bird who, pausing in her flight awhile on boughs too slight, feels them give way beneath her, and yet sings, knowing she hath wings.

Hiya  It has been a while since I have posted, but here I am… must mean I have a school break.  I will attempt to update as many things as possible.

No Poo: Going without shampoo, using only baking soda and vinegar… I made it 2 weeks.  I cannot deal with feeling greasy and trying to be a professional.  Maybe summer will be a better time try again.  This time my ratios were still off, and I often had an itchy head or crazy grease.

Trail Running:  When I started bikram, I tried to think, this will be ok.  Maybe it will take place as my new love, and trail running will slip into oblivion.  Wrong.  As the weeks passed on, I longed (and still do) for the trails, even in winter!!  I miss it so much.  I am going to a PT tomorrow morning actually, and am really hoping that I can return soon!  My knee is still bugging me, and my Dr. said if PT doesn’t help improve my condition, I could get an x-ray.  I decided some things while on hiatus.  I don’t think my body can (at its current state, or likely near future state) handle long runs.  To the trail runner, this can be a blow.  Most trail runners aim for long distances, but that will not be me, and that is ok.  I will (knee willing) be a short-mid distance trail runner.  I am going to focus on the 10k-15k distance, while of course running 5ks.  I really hope I get some good advise and can get back to it, because as I noticed, when it was gone, it is a part of me I desperately want back.  Oh, and I might need to buy some zero drop not-so-minimal shoes (all I currently have to trail run in is vibram spyridons, I might purchase Altra Lone Peaks, this will be an LDP exception)

Bikram Yoga:  Well, its going great, but isn’t trail running.  I feel that it brings me a sense of peace and balance.  I feel I am building strength in areas like my back, and parts of my legs.  It helps reduce the stress of work.  It is great, but cannot take the place of trail running like I wanted it to.  I am currently contemplating how often I want to go, and will go if I can return to the trails.  I do see benefit in going pretty regularly but we will see what I can afford.  I loved the heat in the winter, but we will see if I have that same love as the seasons change!

Living Deliberately Project: This is going really well.  $80 a month to spend has really forced us to be deliberate (within the rules of what we can spend the $80 on).  I don’t really find it difficult, and have only a few times wanted to purchase something that really isn’t necessary, I just wanted it.  Case in point- a pair of earrings and some t-shirts.  I have to tell myself “no” for now, but hey, I have a birthday coming up, and can ask for those things then.

Life: Jon is in the home stretch of the dissertation process, and is applying places!  This brings great anticipation into our lives.  It kinda feels like we are nomads and have been for several years, always picking up and moving, but I will gladly move again for Jonathan to begin his professional career.  I am putting great thoughts out there for him, and myself, that we can move forward in this journey we share ❤

I am sorry I have been absent.  It is difficult to blog with teaching and devoting weekends to the LDP and recipe sunday posts.  I hope you all out there in reader-land are well!  I will try to not go so long without updates or quick quips.

be excellent to each other