Living Deliberately Project – Month 2

by nomeatbarefeet

This week in the LDP found us at the end of the second month, and we again wound up staying under budget for the month. This last week we had $12 left to use, so what can you get for $12? A cheap bottle of wine, a bottle of Switchback Ale, and a delicious night spent with the person you care about.

That said, we also were fortunate to receive some discretionary money from my parents (just because!) which allowed us to purchase a few things that fell outside the usual LDP restrictions. We each had about $100 to spend: Katie bought a number of clothes for school, while I decided to save a bit of it (new tattoo maybe?) but also get us some food out while we were in Burlington doing some shopping. Shopping, you ask? Well, it turns out that last year we had given a bunch of cloths/bags/shoes to Outdoor Gear Exchange to put on consignment. All told we had about $123 in credit to spend at the store. I have been wanting to get a “2-day” pack for hiking and/or weekend trips (Katie has one that I am über-envious of), so I looked around OGE and found a pack on clearance for $80. Score! Thus, all of the purchases that were done this week were made with gifts or store credit. No dipping into our budget!

That bring us to the end of the second month of the LDP, and I think that things are going well. We are living in a much more conscious manner; being much more aware of where our money goes; focusing on those things that bring happiness and comfort and togetherness. That is the true purpose of this project. All of us find that we spend a little here and a little there, and soon find that you forget where all your money/time/energy/life has been going. Being deliberate about your money, your time, your energy, your life can be a truly freeing experience to embrace.

All the best all of you.