Overnight oats; Or how to get the last dang bits of peanut butter out of the jar

by nomeatbarefeet

Jon eats about one jar of peanut butter a week… Ok, more like one every two weeks but I digress, is there anything more annoying then getting the last schmears out so you can recycle it? Somehow peanut butter, that magic nectar from the gods becomes vile and phobia inducing when it has soaked in water for a night, and it’s now all pale and water logged and still WON’T COME OUT/OFF THE JAR? Sorry recycling person… I tried to clean all of my recyclables. Enter a solution from one of my (Katie’s) favorite blogs, Bonzai Aphrodite: Overnight oats made in a peanut butter container when your jar looks like this:

Here is her post, here is our adaptation.


  • 1 peanut butter or nut butter container at the end of its rope
  • 1/2 cup quick cook oats
  • Slightly less than 1 cup alt. milk or alt. milk / alt. yogurt combo (we found that a true 2:1 ratio was a little soupy)
  • 1/2-to-whole banana in little bite sized pieces
  • Dash of cinnamon (to taste or not at all)

Extras if you please!

  • Nuts
  • Dried fruit
  • Fresh fruit/berries
  • Chia Seeds
  • Flax Meal
  • Various spices (nutmeg, clove, pumpkin pie spics, all spice etc)
  • Maybe some vegan chocolate chips if you dare…

The How To:

  1. Put the oats in the sad peanut jar
  2. Put the milk (or milk yogurt combo) in the jar
  3. Put in your add-ins, in our case… Bananas
  4. Shake
  5. Put in fridge
  6. Sleep
  7. Wake and eat!
  8. Happy peanut jar!

Now… When you are done… Hopefully it is clean enough to recycle!