Living Deliberately Project – Week 10

by nomeatbarefeet

Not a really busy week on the LDP home front…

Bought a bit ‘o wine (actually a box ‘o wine) that we are trying to nurse for a bit. That cost us $16, leaving us $64 for the rest of the month.

This was the first week back from Katie’s break last week, and it felt like a rough week for both of us going back to work. The school year is closer to ending for Katie, but there is still a lot to do—the kids are great, but all the other work is taxing and exhausting; Jon is planning of graduating in May, but there is still a number of revisions and edits to finish up on his dissertation, not to mention getting ready for his defense in April. All of this made for a tiring week. The weekend was much appreciated.

Well, that does it for this week. Not much to speak of.

Thanks for reading.

Keep exploring and seeking new adventures.

Keep pursuing what you love despite bleary eyes and lack of sleep.

Brew some coffee, eat some pancakes, enjoy friendly company.

Have fun in the midst of it all.