My PT made me just about cry

by nomeatbarefeet


I left PT Tim 2 hours ago, honestly tearing up on the way home.  You see, I got the news that I can start running again.  On the rail-trail (pretty flat), 30 minutes, 2 minutes on and 2 off, repeat.  I have been on a two week stretch and strengthening plan.  My knee pain is likely due to issues in my hip.  Weak hip flexors, weak adductors.  I was able to get on the treadmill today at PT and got off feeling good.  The slight feeling I felt in me knee went away while going through some of my stretches, and running actually made my hip feel better! I have to start really slow, but Tim says Indian Ladder 15k at the end of August isn’t an unreasonable goal.  Look out… I’m cautiously coming back!

~run wild~