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Living Deliberately Project – Week 12

Last week in the LDP ended with us going out to eat at A Single Pebble. I couldn’t add the expenditure to last weeks totals, so I will add them this week. One of the pricey add-ons from our night out was $13.50 for two, that’s right, two beers. Granted they were both Switchbacks (Katie’s the Ale, Jon’s the elusive porter)…but man, that was a tad overpriced. We will have to keep tabs on getting beer out next time.

Dinner cost us $52, leaving us with $7 for the remainder of the last week of the month.

This week brought the arrival of Katie’s new shoes, a sweet pair of Altra Lone Peaks. These will hopefully help in her return to trail running. It also brought the arrival of Jon’s new glasses, a pair of Warby Parker “Beckett’s”…in Chestnut. The price of those, as we pointed out last week, will be offset by insurance.

Next week is the beginning of the race season, with Jon running the Kaynor Sap 10k. With race season comes registration fees. These are a necessary evil, something we will pay for the chance to inflict stress, exhaustion, a bit of pain…and hopefully some fun company, beautiful scenery, and beer. We will be detailing the events of the season as they unfold, so stay tuned for some great race reports.

That about covers this week. It is amazing what one night out can do to your budget, but it is equally amazing what you can make of just one night. Not eating out even once a week makes the times you do eat out all the more special.

A Friday…

I just felt like today needed a little something…

Finally, i awoke with this song in my head.

I hope the day impresses you at some point.

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