Living Deliberately Project – Week 13

by nomeatbarefeet

It was a pretty simple week here at the LDP. The expenditures were (very) minimal—$3 on some coffee and a bagel. Which leaves us with…

a surplus of $2 for the month!

There were a few essentials bought this week:


Essentials purchased this week: two baking pans and a new non-stick fry pan.

Plus, Katie’s exotic scarf collection broke its hanger, which required a replacement.

Other than that, this week, and this month, have been great. March came in like a freight train (at least here in the Northeast) and we are just now starting to settle down into some semblance of Spring-like weather. Today it is cloudless, in the high 40s, and filled with the sounds of people (and wildlife) enjoying the outdoors. The one downside has been the absolute muddy mess on the trails. So much so that climbing and descending hills is very treacherous work. Might have to wait for the sun to drink up some of the remaining water before doing any longer runs in Hard’ack. Not to worry…this too shall pass; everything in its right place and right time.

May your week be filled with Spring;

may it be filled with a feeling

of calm

of renewal

of wonder

and always explore new places.