Living Deliberately Project – Week 14

by nomeatbarefeet

The first week of April in the LDP, and there are hints that spring might actually be coming. The snow has finally vanished except for on the peaks, and the ground is starting to thaw just a bit…which also harkens in the upcoming “Mud Season.” Scott Jurek recently put this quote up from Dickens, and I think it applies quite nicely (even though it isn’t March anymore):

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.”

So, this week saw us spending $9, leaving us with $79 for the month.

There were a couple of necessary purchases that needed to be made, one of which was new food for Arlo. We feed him Evolution Diet Gourmet Pasta dog food. A 10 lb. bag will get use 30 lbs of food once it is rehydrated.

By far Arlo’s favorite food ever. There is some serious bowl licking that goes on when he eats this.

We are also in the pre-process of moving. We will write a bit more about the moving shortly; there are going to be a number of expenses, as anyone knows, so we won’t be including these in our monthly expenditures. 5 gallon drum of paint; rollers; tarp; trays; hair nets; dirty jeans; Bruce Springsteen; some beers—all of these a painting party does make! More to come…

That does it for this week. We hope that your weekend has all the fun and excitement as is needed.

Enjoy the sun

walk outside

give a hug

drink something warm in the morning.