Living Deliberately Project – Week 15

by nomeatbarefeet

This week in the LDP saw us spending a butt load of money on necessities…but not really wanting to. We put Jon’s car into the shop to get an oil change and an inspection, and wound up having to drop almost $500 (new back struts, among other things). There was also a new work shirt, which, next to the car was a drop in the bucket.

This week, non-necessities totaled $24: dinner at Subway last Sunday (no food to bring for dinner); a lunch date out at Panera Bread; and a growler from 14th Star Brewing (can you believe there is a brewery a few blocks away from our house?!).

Now, I might not have filled the growler because the brewery is only open on the days I usually work…but I happened to have an unusual work week. So a growler of Valor Ale it was…mmmmm

This leaves us with $55 for the rest of the month.

The coming week will bring a rather large expense in the form of our CSA payment. I will wait to talk more about that later; suffice it to say that while the cost is a bit steep it is totally worth it to get fresh vegetables (and fruits) every single week. We sorely miss it and cannot wait to have it back again. We will be using a different CSA, and we will talk more about them in the coming weeks and months. Hopefully a trip to the farm can be organized as well.

Well, that is it.

Enjoy your week.

Spring is coming…