Living Deliberately Project – Week 16

by nomeatbarefeet

This week in the LDP I (Jon) passed my dissertation defense back at SUNY Albany. In honor of that we partook in some celebratory purchases from some of our favorite places back in Albany: pizza from Little Anthony’s and doughnuts from X’s to O’s Bakery. All super delicious and well earned. We also wound up buying some wine to toast the evening with.

These things were, it is fair to say, not included in our monthly expenditures. Which means that this week we did not spend any money from our LDP budget. We remain with $55 for the rest of the month.

We hope that your week has left you feeling well, rested, content, and reflective. The sadness from the deaths and injuries at the Boston Marathon left its mark on all of us, none more so than the victims and the people of Boston. Our thoughts continue to go out to all involved.

Whatever comes, let come,

what stays let stay,

what goes

let go.