Happy Earth Day Indeed!

by nomeatbarefeet

The only one we have



Today is Earth Day 2013, no better day than today to get outside!!  Yes that is right, I returned to Hard’ack to trail run today.  It only seemed fitting that it was Earth Day, what better day to try and launch my return to trails?!  And Earth did not disappoint!  It was so beautiful, warm, and spring-smelling out there today.  I ran/walked for probably half and hour without pain!  My Altra Lone Peaks got a little muddy break in, and I am pleased to say they have an awesome grip!  I then returned home and took puppy on a “Stevens”.  That is the term we use for a walk with Arlo around the block including Stevens Ave.  Stevens are his favorite ❤

As I walked, thinking about how happy I was to be outside with puppy and how thankful I was that my run was without pain, my  minded turned to “what is my concern” this Earth Day.  As a human, and even more so as a plant based eater this is what I am currently most concerned with:


The plight of the bee.  Honey, bumble… any pollinator.  Since the onset of Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD in the US, bees have been disappearing at alarming rates.  Humans that consume anything grown cannot consume without the pollinators.  Monoculture and the use of systemic insecticides is decimating the bee population.  So this Earth Day I am hatching a plan.  I will continue to invest in a CSA that doesn’t use systemic insecticides.  I will try to plant flowers that attract pollinators.  I will encourage anyone I can to watch Vanishing of the Bees and I will not allow anyone around me to kill a bee.  Even if you are terrified of bees like some one I know… [Jonathan]…. PLEASE do not kill these amazing creatures that provided an immeasurable service to the world.

Happy Earth Day All

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