A “turning 30” time capsule

by nomeatbarefeet

Well, this is pretty self-serving.  I am attempting to remember, preserve, diary, this moment in time, as I turn 30, so I can look back on it after another 30.  You get to come along for the ride if you want. Ok Katie… right now you… Have pretty drastic ombre hair not unlike these ladies… Have just gotten some new tattoos… roses on your shoulder in this fashion… And a bee on the inside of your right heel… in the fashion of old botanical/biology drawings (and not ironically because you just wrote a post about bees)… very much in this fashion (minus the crown and frame) You really love this song…   Arlo Puppy is your baby… Jonathan just finished his Doctoral Dissertation… Illusion in the Commonplace: Reinterpreting Ernst Gombrich’s Concept of Illusion, he is now Dr. Auyer You have been vegan for almost 2 years, vegetarian for over 3… your current love cookbook… You have lived in VT for over a year, and teach a 5/6 combo class… You went through some PT for your knee and can run again!!!

and… well more but this is good for now.

(future Katrin) You were happy, you were healthy.  You  found joy as a vegan and trail runner.  You lived as minimally as possible.  Your husband was (and surely still is) super wonderful and a smarty pants!  You have 7 nieces and nephews that keep you smiling and laughing.  Life is good.  This was 30.