Living Deliberately – Weeks 18 & 19

by nomeatbarefeet

Last week we could not get a LDP post up due to the fact that we had to move into our new apartment…which is the one next to our old apartment. Thats right folks, it was the shortest (distance) move in Auyer history. Something like 20 feet. Of course, that took us ALL day because the apartment had not been cleaned, and we were given 4 days notice by the landlord, and we were working 3 of those 4 days. Needless to say Saturday was a very, very long day.

Which is why the first moneys of the new month were spent on (drum roll) BEER! A twelver of the new Saranac 12 Beers a Springing. Being an IPA fan I couldn’t pass this up. We also got two bottles of Switchback. Again, couldn’t pass that up. It made the end of the night after the move a very relaxing time.

Earlier in the week I had to pick up some new socks (I wore holes through a number of them) and some new Jockeys (no comment). I also used some leftover gift money to get a cheap pair of running shorts.

The socks, Jockeys, and shorts were not included in the LDP. So for Week 18, the beers cost $20.

For Week 19, a few summer clothing purchases were made with some early graduation money. (There might be a few more items to be bought–sandals are high on the list as my flip-flops are just nasty–but they will have to be put off for later.) We also bought some beer ($14) to bring over to The Medick’s for a Game of Thrones marathon. Since they usually supply the libations we thought that we could reciprocate.

So, the expenses thus far leaves us with $46 for the rest of the month.

There were also a number of moving expenses that were not included in this (e.g., material for a screen door, paint, new latch lock, etc.). There will be more of these expenses to be sure. Certainly because this apartment is…well, it isn’t even a diamond in the rough. A turd with flare, perhaps? Nevertheless, to paraphrase Jenny from The League: We will take this donkey of an apartment and we will turn it into a champion! Right on.