Living Deliberately Project – Week 22

by nomeatbarefeet

This week in the LDP saw Memorial Day, and with it an excuse to have a date day (we call these “Babes Days”).

Katie had Monday off so we headed over to Plattsburgh to see the new Star Trek movie (really great by the way). We had some free passes from my parents, but I also decided to use some of my graduation money to buy us popcorn and a soda ($13!). We recently learned that Regal Theater’s popcorn (unbuttered) is vegan, so we enjoyed a decent size tub (once in a while it is great to have a snack at the movies, but too often will make you broke!).

Later that night we decided to eat out at our favorite little Japanese place, YAMA. We went all out, getting 6 maki rolls and an order of fried noodles. Super scruptious! (Plus the couple that works there is sweet.) Dinner out used up the remainder of our money for the month ($30), so we end the month with $0.

There were also few purchases that I made this week with my graduation money expenses. Some new shorts, and tanktop, and (yes Katie) a new jacket. I bought the Patagonia Houdie jacket as a replacement for the Stoic Wraith Shell. The latter just did not function that well, and the former is specifically made for trail running so I hope to have a review for it up soon.

Well, so ends Month 5 of the LDP, and we are trying our damnest to save and be conscious of where our funds are going. Sadly, life gets in the way; to wit, there is a chance that our current living situation will change again. We hate moving, but we hate being in terrible living conditions even more. We will keep you up to date on all the goings on.