Living Deliberately Project – Week 24

by nomeatbarefeet


This week in the LDP we discovered a new treasure in downtown Saint Albans: The Traveled Cup. It is a little cafe with beautiful atmosphere and delicious fares. We might have to make visiting a weekly thing. The three of us (Arlo included…best cafe dog and unofficial greeter) sat out in the sun and enjoyed two double soy cappuccinos 🙂 ($8) and a nice water bowl put out for furry friends.

Yesterday was…trying. Katie ran into some mishaps getting the CSA, including going into the wrong beverage mart. (Our pickup is at one of two beverage marts in Saint A.) She felt like she needed to purchase something (mostly out of frustration), so she picked up a 4-pack of Stella Artois Cidre (hard cider) for $7. This was unbeknowst to me, as I picked up a few tallies on my way home (totaling $4).

Ok, so Katie is beginning to think that all that we purchase is alcohol…which is kinda true, but it really works out to 3-4 drinks a week for each of us. So don’t hold an intervention for us just yet.

Thus, the spending for the week came out to $19, leaving us with $39 for the remainder of the month.

As we were moving from apartment to apartment, we need to confess to spending money on things that aren’t exactly necessities. Katie feels like we have been lying to our public…well, sort of. As we have been moving (and another move is in the near future) we really felt like we need to “cleanse” the place and create a sense of “home”—things like blinds, kitchen utensils, candles, rugs, etc. Though they are not technically necessities we felt, for our morale, that we needed them. So you can call it cheating if you want, but we will try to keep you informed of any other such purchases in the future.

We are almost half-way through the year, and now that the summer is here it feels like things are getting a bit more challenging because we like to buy little things here and there for the summer (e.g., Katie would love a new summer dress; and she has always bought herself some “congratulations on getting through the school year” vegan TOMS; I really enjoy picking up running gear like new BUFFS [TK has a new one!]). You often don’t realize the urge to buy until you can’t, or until you have to check yourself and hold off on spending.

We will keep up the challenge even though we fall short sometimes.

(Conscience cleared. :-))