Living Deliberately Project – Week 26

by nomeatbarefeet

This week in the LDP…

We went here (The Porches) for a little getaway. It was nice. It was short. It was relaxing. I had planned to take Katie away as soon as I got some $$$ from graduation. I got some, I got a reservation, and I whisked Katie away…and she had no idea where we were going! Ha ha!

After that, we tried to keep our spending to the bare minimum. Since this was the third week of our CSA we got a bit more produce, especially greens—lots of lettuce, kale, bok choy, and swiss chard—but we had to stop at Healthy Living and pick up some essentials and some “essentials” to get through the rest of the week. It is tough to plan meals because we are in the process of packing to move on Monday, so there is little desire to keep the pots, pans, and dishes out of the boxes. Paper plates I guess.

The only spending was $5 for a growler of 14th Star Valor Ale. That means that we have $15 left at the end of Month 5! Not too shabby. 

That is about it for now. We will put up some pictures once we are in the new place because it will be heavenly to have (wait for it) a dishwasher AND washer & drier in the apartment! What?! Never had that before.

All the best to all of you. Have a wonderful week.