Living Deliberately Project – Week 27

by nomeatbarefeet

This week in the LDP we went (actually, as of writing this, we are going later tonight) to see this…

We have yet to see a movie at our local theater (always having to go to Plattsburgh instead; its the only Regal around, and we have free passing). But today we are going to stay in town and see the return of Gru and the Minions. BabbleBabble. Tickets are $8 $6 a pop, so that will be $16 $12 for the two of us. Earlier in the week we also picked up a sixer of beer ($7). But that goes without saying.

So this week we will have spent $23 $19, leaving us with $57 $61 for the remainder of the month.

Some other purchases include a much needed slip cover for our chair (tired of sitting on its nastiness) and (after finding some remaining graduation money hidden in a card) a pair of Altra Superiors to replace the Merrell Trail Gloves that have about as much tread as an ice skating rink.

Oh yeah, and we got a new couch. Yes, a whole new couch. I know, I know, it was an impulse buy, but trying to move the other one was not something we were looking forward to; plus sitting on it was proving to be hell on our hips and back. After moving some money around we popped into a local furniture store and voila, new couch.

This week was a really, really long week as we moved into the new apartment last Monday, but then I had to work everyday until Saturday. That left little time to cooperatively unpack and arrange things; instead, Katie took most of that on herself, of which I am very grateful and thankful. Turns out, most of our stuff is “kitchen.” Who knew? Luckily our new abode has lots of storage space, with one deep ass pantry to keep all the sundries that we need.

That is is. Have a great weekend. Oh yeah, and to quote one of my coworkers:

Happy America.