Um… isn’t this supposed to be a duo?

by nomeatbarefeet

Yes, I have been pretty absent from the blog, and it has been one sided… Jonathan-sided.  I do give input into each LDP update and Recipe Sunday, but I have not posted from my own perspective in a long time.  So, if you were wondering, here is what I have been up to…

School ended about a month ago, and it was really hard letting go of this class.  They were an awesome bunch of kids and although I will still see the 5th graders next year, I won’t be teaching them, because I am teaching 4th grade.  The last day was hard, I cried, they cried, but despite the tears we laughed, danced (pretty much everyday stuff with this group)  and supported each other as we talked about what we will miss, and celebrated with each other as we talked about the accomplishments they had.  This was truly a community and I will miss it dearly.  Ending a school year is chaotic, one reason I haven’t been on the blog.

I have also been busy moving, this is like our 10th time, but we love the new place.  The LDP really helps because our rent went up… thats what we get for wanting a washer/dryer, dishwasher and pool on premises.  It’s really quiet and lovely here.

Our CSA began and I have been the pickup person.  We have a new farmer this year, and I have high hopes as this is an organic farm that even sends some of its stuff to Whole Foods in MA.  One downer is that with all the rain, pollination has been low, yielding smaller crops so far, but I am optimistic, and the food we have been cooking up is as delicious as always.

Ok, now the running.  First off, I have a kind-of new pair of Altra Lone Peaks, best-zero-drop-trail-shoe-EVER!  Its like running on clouds.  That as really helped when running through Hard’ack, which I am currently doing 2 times a week for two loops.  We figured out that my knee suffers running anything over 3 miles on the rail trail, and two loops of  Hard’ack is the max (we have no clue how far that is).  When I am not running I have been doing Tracy Anderson’s MAT workout (Shhhh don’t tell Chalene).  Its a quick way to exhaust your muscles!!  I have also been lifting heavy a few times a week, arms only though.

As I sign off, I will say I love the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote at the top of the page.  Jonathan and I occasionally find our selves in circles where we feel different.  Call it what you will… the outsiders, the weirdos, the black sheep, …or the ‘vegans’ (and not in a good way, like… oh poor you, what will we feed you, way).  And although I cannot speak for Jonathan, I know this is my own fault because I let this get to me and I alone have control over that.  I am working on it however, to be myself in a world that wants me to be something different… it will be one of my greatest accomplishments!!

Be yourself