Living Deliberately Project – Week 28

by nomeatbarefeet

This week in the LDP…

There was a gorgeous week of weather here in Vermont (finally!) which meant that we could spend some quality time here:

Apropos of our expenditures, we also had a bit of a mixup when we headed over to Chipotle for lunch. I though my buy-one-get-one coupon was still good…turns out it wasn’t, so we were going to spend the full amount. But, it turns out that it is nice to know people who work in food service. The Starbucks I work at is in the same plaza as Chipotle; one of their managers comes in to get coffee all time, and I throw a free one to him every once in a while. So, he reciprocated—free burrito. LDP problem fixed. Money spent: $8

There was also the ubiquitous beer buy. I wanted to try a couple different kids of IPAs to I picked up some a single of the Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA and the Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA. These ran $5 (total).

That means we spend $13 for this week, leaving us with $48.

Next week there might not be an LDP or a Recipe Sunday post (or else they might be late). We are traveling back to Rochester NY to run the 0SPF Trail 1/2 Marathon race on Saturday, then driving right back on Sunday.  Should be a great time—we will get to see our family while we are there—but finding time to write the posts might be a bit hard.

Well, we hope that all of you have a wonderful week.

Eat something new.

Enjoy a bit of nature that you haven’t before.

Try to smile a bit more.

All the best,