What I’m Loving: Food Edition

by nomeatbarefeet

I though I would update people on what the vegans are currently loving.  One of my favorite bloggers does a weekend “love list”, and this is in that fashion except this is food only and more detailed!

1. Back to Nature Tuscan Herb Roast

OMG you guys it’s like thanksgiving stuffing meets nut mix.  According to the company “we gently roast cashews, almonds, and pecans in rosemary, oregano and garlic without adding any oils.”  SOLD!  Anyone who knows me knows I have a savory tooth.  If I eat dessert I almost always need salt after (popcorn, pretzel, chip, etc…).  I love nuts and seeds but they are always sweet if not roasted or raw, so the savory lover in me is super excited.  These are soooo fantastic, I have to seriously watch myself around them.

2. Miso Master Organic Mellow White Miso

Fermented foods are awesome and have achieved full rock star status in the vegan community.  We ❤ miso, and use it in soups, sauces, smoothies, and…. as an uncanny match to a “Parmesan” taste in things like risotto.  Personally I think the mellow white is the closest to parm flavor.  And I am not talking the green shaker powder cheap parm, I am talking about the salty wedge cheese directly from Italy in the local cheese shop.  If you are vegan and looking to replicate that taste in things, look no farther.  Today I ate some spread on apple slices.  Perfect!

3. Field Roast Frankfurters 

Now, we don’t eat fauxmeat all that often, but when it is summer these just nostalgically call to us in the store.  I LOVE Field Roast because the fauxmeat is a seitan base, rather than the usual soy.  My favorite product of their’s is the smoked apple sage sausage links which scream fall, but as it is summer these are up there on our list!

4. Angie’s Kettle Corn

I love both the Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn and the Sweet & Spice Kettle Corn.  They are made in small batches and I believe that is the secret to their perfection.  The kernels are not overly sweet and the popcorn tastes like homemade on the stove…. nostalgia again… sigh, love this product!

5. Vermont Raw Nut Butter Tahini

We attempt to represent the 802 when ever we can.  Our favorite “everything” sauce… Raw Tahini Dip/Dressing is just that much better when the tahini is raw, and and added bonus if we’ve helped a VT company in the process!

6. Our CSA!

We are getting larger pickups, after the rainy start to the summer I was wondering if the volume would ever increase.  Today I made pickled Diakon, a first since we started getting CSA’s1

7. Casa De Medick Blueberries!

Casa de Medick is my sisters house.  Their blueberry bush is prolific this year!  Right now it is a very fallish day out and my house smells of cinnamon and fall flavors because I decided to make blueberry coffee cake with some of our recent haul.  Jonnie made blueberry pancakes this morning, and we still have a quart left, easily.  Only 1/2 the berries have turned so I am looking forward to more!

and that my friends is what we are loving in food!

to quote one of my favorite companies

eat like you give a damn!