Living Deliberately Project – Week 30

by nomeatbarefeet

This week in the LDP…

…well, ok, this didn’t really happen, but it was too beautiful of a picture to pass up.

What really did happen was that Katie began the process of picking out fabric for the curtains in her classroom. This took us on a magical trip to Joanne Fabric which, though lengthy, culminated in the some pretty beautiful looking patterns for her curtains. This is one of the things that, I feel, makes Katie a really great teacher: she invests a lot of time (and money) into making her classroom look unique, authentic, and personal. She loves projects, and her classroom is a project writ large. There will certainly be more stuff needed for the classroom, but for now fabric it is.

As this week was wonderfully summery, we invested some much hard earned capital in purchasing some beers: a 6-er of Stella Artois ($9) and a growler of 14th Star Valor Ale ($9) for a total of $18.

We also took our nieces and nephew to the Shelburne Museum which is a really cool place to see a boat…on land.

Vermont residents can get in for half price, which is pretty great, so our tickets were $22.

  but that means that we are $4 over for the month. Oh well; money well spent on interesting, historical fun times with kids. It is wonderful to be able to spend time with those little ones, basically because they are so much fun to be around, and the stuff they say is hilarious.

We hope that you all have a wonderful week, and that you can spend time with those you love as well.

Enjoy the sun while it is here. Cause summer is almost gone! What the What!?