Neglectful, and: How To Piss A Vegan Off

by nomeatbarefeet

Once again weekend travels have thrown a wrench in the gears of our blogging endeavor. Sorry. We headed back to Syracuse for a family reunion this past weekend, and prior to leaving I was not able to get an LDP post or a Recipe Sunday post written. There wasn’t much to say for the LDP (as we had reached our monthly limit the week before), but I will be sure to include all the info in the next post.

As for the Recipe Sunday post, I had one in mind but the week got away from me (as it so often does), so I will have to get it up next Sunday.

I hope that the weekend was as beautiful for the rest of you as it was for us. Aside from the tremendous amount of driving we did the weather was wonderful, and out travels through the Southern Adirondacks was magnificent. (Wish I had brought the camera because the views of the mountains and the sky were incredible.)

While the outdoors were beautiful one thing really soured our mood so I will step up upon my soap box and commence with the rant. When we gave up dairy, one thing that we really missed was soft serve ice cream. It just exudes nostalgia; plus it was really tasty. So when we found out (a few years ago) that The Great Escape in Watkins Glenn has soy soft serve we were really frickin’ excited to try it out. We stopped by when we visited the Farm Sanctuary and were so happy that we did—it is really good!

Our travels were going to bring us within 40 miles of Watkins Glenn and I promised Katie that we could drive down and pick up a cone. So we headed down the western side of Seneca lake, enjoying the beautiful sky, the open air, and counting the numerous wineries that have sprung up since Katie lived in the area. We arrived with overflowing anticipation only to find out (in case you can’t see where this is going) that they were out of soy soft serve.

Now, if this was something that they occasionally carried then I might be ok with it (after all, I work in retail/food so I can understand occasionally running out of something), but vegan ice cream is part of their schtick—this is something they advertise outside on their boards. It was (I thought) a core product that they carried. But when we showed up there was no hint of their not having it. No explanation from the staff; no “temporarily out” sign or “sorry we ran out”—the only thing the girl told me was that I should have called or checked their Facebook page. Ok. Fair enough; perhaps I will check your Facebook page—hmm, it didn’t say a damn thing. As for calling: would I have called to see if they ran out of cows milk ice cream? Should I have been concerned of their not having enough of that to go around? No. Because that is what they primarily sell. I simply assumed (wrongly) that because their big advertising push is “Vegan Ice Cream” that I wouldn’t have to worry about them not having it.

So if you want to know how to piss a couple of vegans off here is the recipe: say that you carry vegan soft serve ice cream, then don’t have it in…and then wait…just wait…

Ok, rant over. I’m not really pissed, more just a little irked. The obvious solution is that we need to get ourselves a homemade soft serve machine. Now that is a great idea.