Outdoor Research Ferrosi 3/4 Pants Review

by nomeatbarefeet

Many of you know of my love affair with 3/4 pants (often referred to, unfortunately, as “Manpris”). Katie has informed me that only certain body types can pull them off, and I guess I possess said body type. As I was shopping at EMS I discovered the Outdoor Research Ferrosi 3/4 Pants (color: “Mushroom”), and from the moment I put them I was in love with them. My initial reaction was amazement at how soft and comfy they felt; add to that the fact that they are more form fitting than my Prana 3/4 ones and it is easy to say that these have fast become my favorite pair of pants.

Although made specifically for climbing and hiking, I have taken to wearing them everywhere I go. The Outdoor Research website states that the Ferrosi 3/4 pants are “lightweight, rugged, wind resistant and highly breathable with ample stretch and three-quarter coverage for smooth movement when scrambling and climbing.” They are described as having a “standard fit” and made of “86% ripstop, 14% spandex, stretch-woven.” (I am not sure about the “standard fit”; I found them a bit more close fitting to my body, but perhaps there are different definitions of “standard.”)

So, what is ripstop? Well, according to the Internets ripstop fabrics are woven fabrics that use a reinforcing technique that makes them resistent to tearing and ripping. They are very strong, and the crosshatch weave ensures that any tears that do occur do not spread. In the Ferrosi 3/4 pants this is combined with a stretch spandex material that allows the pants to move and stretch along with the movement of your body. All this basically makes them ridiculously comfortable.

Two other features are that they are both highly breathable—I have worn these on hot days, bot hiking and walking around, and I have never felt overly warm—and they offer good wind resistance.

I am 5′ 10″, 155 lbs. and I wear a size 30; while they are smidge tight around the waist (the 32 was too large), they do not feel uncomfortable because of their glorious stretchiness and the fact that the inside of the waist band has a soft material that does not cut into my skin.

The pants have two back pockets, two front pockets, and one pocket along the side (the latter I found to be perfect for a cell phone, small note pad, or my keys). The front pockets are a bit closer to the front of the pants, which means that it can be a bit uncomfortable for them to accommodate larger/bulkier objects. I tend to put things like keys in the back pockets, or in the side pocket.

Final Thoughts These are the best pari of any pants that I own. The only negative is that I don’t have more of them (or more clothes from the rest of the Ferrosi line)! 🙂 There are shorts and three different types of jackets.

Now don’t let the $72 price tag deter you. These are a solid pant, and Outdoor Research offers an Infinite Guarantee: all their products are guaranteed forever, and if one of their products fails to meet your needs at any time they will be happy to replace it. You can’t beat that!

So if you are looking for a quality 3/4 pant that will hold up to rough, outdoor lifestyle but is also stylish and comfortable give the Outdoor Research Ferrosi 3/4 Pant a try!