A Long Trail Run

by nomeatbarefeet


Entrance to the Long Trail North from the parking area

Thought I would put up a few pictures from my recent run on the Long Trail. I ran from the Rt 15 access south across Hogback Road, up to Prospect Rock, continued on up to the Roundtop Shelter and then turned around at Plott Rd. All told it was about 7.25 miles. (I wish I could figure out how much climbing was involved; needless to say my legs said it was a decent amount.)


View from atop Prospect Rock (1040′). I came from around that area.


Looking back south across the woods through which the Long Trail South runs.


Standing on Plott Rd looking back at the Long Trail South.


“White” Long Trail marker.

Suspension bridge over the Lamoille River.

Suspension bridge over the Lamoille River.


Self shot on the suspension bridge.


View looking east on the suspension bridge.


View looking west on the suspension bridge.

Self shot after the run.

Self shot after the run.