Living Deliberately Project – Weeks 31 & 32

by nomeatbarefeet

So we were a bit neglectful last week, failing to get an LDP post up. Last week was the end of July, but we had spent our limit the week prior. So no money spending for us—aside from money spent traveling to Syracuse, Watkins Glenn, Middlesex, Rochester, and home (of course). The time spent seeing family was wonderful; we were able to people we haven’t seen in a long time.

To bring in August we spent out weekly expenditure on some libations: a random assortment of 22oz’s from the store and a growler refill from 14th Star. I was hoping to try their Double IPA but they sold out of it in 3 days! This leaves us with $60 for the rest of the month.

August has only been here a few days but already the weather is strange and unpredictable. Chilly mornings that feel like fall; then hot and humid days to remind us that summer ain’t gone yet. The days move by quickly, and it is easy to take for granted that which we love and hold most dear. Working in retail, surrounded by more unhappy and cheerless persons that I care to say, I often lose track of the important awareness that

Remember this as you go throughout your day. Despite the mundane, there is much to be happy about.