Living Deliberately Project – Week 33

by nomeatbarefeet

The idea for this Project was to remain as conscious and deliberate about where we spend our money. We wanted, we still want, to try the best that we can. I think that we have done really well so far, but this month we fell a bit short.

Last week we headed up Montreal for a day of vegan gastronomic adventuring. We knew that it would be expensive; more importantly, we knew that we would spend the remainder of our budget for the month. Which is exactly what happened. We simply couldn’t pass up a chance to spend a day together in a city that makes you feel as if you are in Europe. (PS: I am working on my French; thankfully Katie is here to help me!)

We want to be as honest and open as we can with all of you. We hope that this will be the only month of this project where we overshoot our budget. We will continue to try our best, and we hope that you will continue to follow this journey with us.

This is where we want to eat next time: Crudesence.