Living Deliberately Project – Week 35

by nomeatbarefeet

This week in the LDP…

We mourned the loss of summer. Katie is back to school. The leaves have already started to turn, displaying their intentions to tumble and scatter. The end of August marks the beginning of September, and we saw out the month with no further unnecessary spending.

Katie and I are both running races this weekend at the Jay Peak Trail Fest (her a 5k and myself a 25k); plus we have friends visiting…so we cannot promise that money will not be spent for a dinner out.

There is not much to tell. We are adjusting our schedules to get back into the rhythm of not seeing each until late at night. There is much to be said for sleeping in, and waking up to the see the face of the one you love…with no plan or prospect for the day. I always miss that when Katie goes back to work…I will miss it more when I have a job that is not Starbucks. On an academic note, I received word that my dissertation was digitally published. Having my work “out there” is a cool feeling; I hope someone finds my investigations helpful. You can check it out here if you like.

All the best to you. Enjoy the last throws of Summer. And, hopefully, Fall will embrace us for as long as possible…