Living Deliberately Project – Week 36

by nomeatbarefeet

It is time…

This week on the LDP saw some chilly mornings and the trees starting to turn. That means we need to do some apple picking! Perhaps next week…

This week saw us spending $17 on some bevos—school is back, and a beer just helps the evening wind down. Amiright? There really wasn’t ‘much to tell this week. We finished the North Coast Organics giveaway (if you are a winner we will have sent you an email), and put up the race report from Jay Peak. Hopefully there will be a few more races this year, though none as long or brutal as Jay. Fall is by far our favorite time of year, and we look for any excuse to get out in it.

As for the LDP budget, after this week we are left with $63 for the remainder of the month. This might serve to take us out to eat, something we don’t do all that often. we shall see. There are not a wide range of vegan eateries in our area—surprising for how crunchy Vermont is—so we have to be choosy and do our research. There is new restaurant in Burlington called Revolution Kitchen which we might take my parents to when they come up in a couple weeks.

We hope that you enjoyed your week, and that the weekend brings you some rest, relaxation, and a warm drink (or a cold one if you are in the southern hemisphere).