Living Deliberately Project – Week 37

by nomeatbarefeet

This week in the LDP…

It felt like a very “off” week: I am still getting over a chest–congestion-thing that has lingered for almost two weeks; Katie was feeling a little ill as well; the weather for the first half of the week was ridiculously humid and hot, but then it got chilly and rainy; my work schedule has been a bit out of whack; customers were overly rude; children don’t know how to sit still for two seconds; and I am trying to suss out living a post-PhD life style without a PhD job (post coming soon)…so all-in-all I will be glad when this week has up and skedaddled.

Oh yes—I am writing this on Friday the 13th…super.

Expenditures were usual: $8 for a bottle of wine and $6 for a cheap sixer. That leaves us with $49 for the rest of the month. I am needing new shoes for work, and while I have a few options in mind I am waiting to hear back if a certain pair of TOMS are vegan; if not, then perhaps a pair of Crocs.

Afraid that is about it. One thing: I did set up a Nomeatbarefeet Tumblr page at (There is also an icon at the bottom of the page.) It is just a place for us to add various things that peak our interest. Right now it seems to be flooded with pictures of foxes…hmmm (Though if you scroll down you will find a pretty boss cover of Macklemore & Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” by the Vitamin String Quartet. It would fit nicely into a 1700s or 1800s period piece.)

Enjoy the weekend,

for that is the time for us to live out those thoughts that rattle about in our heads during the workweek, if only we can remember what they are.