Living Deliberately Project – Week 38

by nomeatbarefeet

This week I felt drained, with very little desire to write anything. I’m sure it happens to everyone, and it was bound to happen to us…but my head was just empty of creative thoughts. We are in Week 38 of the LDP and this week just seemed to drag a bit. Not that I am complaining about what we are trying to do—I think striving to be more conscious of where our money goes and what we choose to invest it in is a very worthy cause.

Perhaps it is the documenting—the running tally of what we have done, week in and week out. I’m nore sure. Whatever it is, though, this week was just devoid of drive. $12 was spent, leaving us with $37 for the last week of September. I think I will use that to take Katie out for dinner next week. A little date night is always a wonderful thing.

Next week marks the end of the month, and it is hard to believe that it has gone by so quickly. The weather is beginning to turn towards our favorite, chilly, colorful-for-a-few-days-then-drab-browns times of year. My only hope is that it lasts as long as possible, because on the other side of it lies the unspeakable whiteness…brrr. For now, I will continue to enjoy the beauty of fall, the bite of the air in the morning followed by the warmth of sun throughout the day, and, hopefully, the comfort of a hug at the end of the day.