Good Luck vttrailgirl and Scott Spitz!

by nomeatbarefeet

I just wanted to write a few words for two people running some kick ass races this weekend.

Recent commenter vttrailgirl is running the Vermont 50 this weekend, attempting her first 50k (her husband is doing the 50 miler). This is the same race I did last year—it was hard work but lots of fun. The weather looks like it will be a great weekend, so I hope that she has a blast! You can check out vttrailgirl’s blog here; its filled with great pics and fun descriptions of her quest towards becoming an ultra runner…which she will be by the end of the weekend! Woot woot!

Also, blogosphere friend Scott Spitz is running the Adirondack Ragnar race with Team Strong Hearts. Strong Hearts is an amazing vegan diner/cafe in Syracuse NY, and they have put together an all vegan team. I was actually asked to run but was slow to hop on board. (I won’t make that mistake twice…hint hint for next year!) If you haven’t read Scott’s blog take the time to head over and read some of it. Since getting to know him Scott has become a real inspiration—both for his unwavering veganism and his (what I see) as unwavering kickassness (plus, he is just a cool guy). I count him has a friend and wish him the best (in the run and in his recovery from cancer).

Hope Scott doesn’t mind that I borrowed his picture. For anyone looking at this it comes from Scott. That’s right, you heard me, it’s Scott’s! 😉

I’m sending calming but powerful “get-shit-done!” vibes to both of these two through the power of the internets. I know they both with have fun doing something that they enjoy, while being able to share the experience alongside others.

Both of you:

Run Más!