The Bearded Bastard: The Woodsman Beard Oil Review

by nomeatbarefeet


While I have gotten past the itchyness that accompanies the early days of growing a beard I have long tried to tame the dryness that accompanies my beard in winter. For a while now I have used Wild Man Beard Beard Softener. (I did a number of posts detailing the progress of its use.) I liked it, but I wanted to perhaps try something new. Then, a few months ago I found a picture of The Bearded Bastard’s The Woodsman Beard Oil. “Oh hell yes,” I thought, “that sounds ridiculously awesome.” So I bought some.

I must say that I absolutely love it. The scent is, well, woodsy: Texas Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and Pine Needle Oil. You’ll smell like a pack of wild mountain lumberjacks. Ok maybe not. As for the oil a little goes a long way, so apply it sparingly to one’s beard post-shower. The only thing I might suggest is a plastic top to help dispense the oil in drops as opposed to having to carefully pour it out. But that is be a real nitpicker, so I’ll stop. Aside from the quality of the oil the name is just tough as crap—I mean, come on: The Bearded Bastard?!

The oil runs for $20. If you want to pick up a bottle you can get it here. CHeck out some of the other products while you are at it. Also, Jeremiah seems like a great guy. He shipped out my order quickly and he got back to my emails right away. Awesome job Jeremiah!

Ok, I think I’ll go stack some wood.

In the spirit of beards everywhere he are a few images for you. Enjoy. and Beard On!