Living Deliberately Project – Week 47

by nomeatbarefeet

This week in the LDP…

I secured some stock funds thanks to Starbucks and bought…some of the number one rated beer on That is right, I invested in Heady Topper—three 4-packs to be precise. Now, I know what you are thinking: investing in beer? Well, put it this way: when this beer is delivered it sells out within an hour, so it stands to reason that it is worth the investment. Besides, it is only delivered around Burlington and I very rarely have the chance to get down there on delivery days.

Other than that we only spent $10 this week, leaving us with $32 for the end of the month.

But that is not really the exciting thing. even though it really has nothing to do with the LDP I thought that I had to share some good news. This week I found out that my paper was accepted at a conference at the University of Kent in the UK…the U.K.! That means that nomeatbarefeet is heading across the pond! The University of Kent is in Canterbury, which means we will get to see some amazing cathedrals. Case in point:

The conference is at the end of January, but nothing has been finalized yet; so we will let you know more when we have concrete details.

With Thanksgiving arriving this coming week Katie and I have participated in an annual tradition of adopting a turkey. This year, however, we didn’t want to adopt just one turkey, we adopted two: this year’s adoptees are Tulip and Tom.

IMG_0875We really love helping to adopt these turkeys—they are special and intelligent creatures and donating some funds to ensure that they can continue to live out there lives in peace and comfort is an honor. We also wish that more people would see how unique these creatures are and would give giving up meat a chance.

We wish all of you the best Thanksgiving. May it be spent with family and friends and may you truly have a relaxing and satiating holiday!