Quinoa Chili

by nomeatbarefeet


We wanted to do a slightly different chili the other week, and having copious amounts of quinoa meant that we were going to use that. Quinoa packs a hell of a lot of complete-protein into a small space, so this meal turns out to be really filling. Ok, we used and adapted the recipe over at Damn Delicious, so instead of writing out the entire recipe I am just going to link to it.

The changes we made were as follows: we added more beans plus we subbed-out black and subbed-in adzuki; we used fire-roasted tomatoes with chills; and we used a combination of white and red quinoa (which wasn’t specified in the original recipe). That is about it.

We hope that you enjoy this chili. It is really freakin’ simple to make, and affords just about anything being added to it. May it warm you on these increasingly cold nights.