Pierogis with Purple Potatoes and Chives

by nomeatbarefeet


Pierogis filled with purple potatoes and chives? F’ing yum.

There is always a first time for everything, and that is very true in cooking. I decided to make my first foray into homemade pierogis. After some research on Pinterest I found an interesting recipe from Live. Learn. Love. Eat. I did like the recipe, though we undertook a few adaptations/additions:

  1. Instead of regular white potatoes we used purple ones because, well, they are freaking awesome. I mean, they are purple!
  2. We fried the pierogis after boiling them. This was a last minute addition, but I feel like it was a nice touch.
  3. Toppings included apple sauce and our famous tahini “dippers”. Both of these added some wonderful taste profiles.
  4. We used whole wheat white flour and regular olive oil.
Uncooked pierogis just asking to be cooked.

Uncooked pierogis just asking to be cooked.

This was a neat recipe because it called for soft tofu as a base for the dough. With that I gave it a try…and it turned out ok. Just not as expected. Some of the issues were:

  1. They turned out more like mini-calzones than pierogis. The dough was way too thick rather than thin and wan-ton like.
  2. The recipe calls for 300g of tofu. Most boxes of tofu come in 397g amounts, so I had to estimate how much to eliminate. I felt that this really called into question how the dough would turn out, which is why…
  3. The dough was very tacky and hard to manipulate. Too much liquid? Too little flour? Regardless, this meant that I couldn’t roll out the dough as thin as I wanted. Nuts.
  4. The potato filling lacked salt. Totally my fault. I actually made a lot of filling, so with the leftovers I added more salt and it totally leveled the flavor out.
Oh yeah, we had lots of roasted veggies as well: brussel sprouts, carrots, and turnips.

Oh yeah, we had lots of roasted veggies as well: brussel sprouts, carrots, and turnips.

Well, that’s it. Like I said, I really did like this recipe it just didn’t turn out as expected—I will definitely try this again to get the ratios correct. Maybe I can see if there are smaller packages of tofu to eliminate the guess work, and we will def try and use plain white flour next time.

Anyone else made homemade pierogis? Any tips?