Blogger Award

by nomeatbarefeet

Our blogger friends over at Single-tracked Mind were kind enough to present us with the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award. I’m not sure if we really encapsulate sisterhood here at nomeatbarefeet (Katie might; not sure about me), but as for an inspiring blog I hope that we have some influence on others out there in the blogosphere.

The rules for this award as as follows: thank the blogger who nominate you, answer a few questions about yourself, nominate some other bloggers and let them know they won the award. I think that we nominated bloggers who haven’t already been nominated, but we might have broken the rules too. Oh well…

Favorite color: Green

Favorite animal: Arlo (our dog); and foxes

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: coffee

Facebook or Twitter: do we have to chose? I guess Facebook

Favorite pattern: plaid

Favorite number: 427 and 319

Favorite Flower: peonies

What is your passion: trail running and learning of all sort

Nominated Blogs




Run Dhitri Run

Move Eat Create

Frosty’s Footsteps