Lack of Blogging; an excess of Living.

by nomeatbarefeet

We have been really neglectful in our blogging duties. I’d like to say that we could have found some time to put some posts up but hell, we have had a lot of stuff going one:

About a month ago I was offered an adjunct position at Burlington College for the Spring semester. That meant having to develop a course in roughly, well, a month (since the semester starts next week). Stress is through the roof, but I really love the material I am working up for my first class developed from scratch!

At the same time as all of that is going on we are heading to England(!) because I am speaking at a conference at the University of Kent. A paper I submitted (basically a chapter of my dissertation) was accepted so off we go across the pond for a week of vacationing around the South of England. Because of the time off Katie has had to come up with a week of sub-plans for her students—not an easy task. I’ve felt that while we are getting an exciting opportunity to go to England it has heaped a ton of work and stress on both of us.

That, dear readers, is what has been eating up our time and energy. Hopefully once the trip is done and I setting into the teaching routine we can get back to blogging more regularly. Plus, I we both haven’t been working out all that much, so getting back into a routine will help with that as well.

In the meantime, enjoy yourselves and we will see you on the flip-side of our trip!