Eating Vegan in England: London and Canterbury

by nomeatbarefeet

Getting the opportunity to head to England might turn out to be a once in a lifetime opportunity, so we decided to live it up and indulge in as much delicious vegan food as we could. I’ve detailed our trip, which consisted of 3 days in London, 3 days in Canterbury, and 1 final day back in London. The food we found was some of the most amazing fare we have ever tasted, which only goes to show that veg food can be found all over the world and can be accessible and affordable for anyone who really wants to eat healthy and ethically.

Flight Out

As I said in the other England post, everyone should fly British Airways. Let’s leave aside the free booze—the food was actually pretty good for airline food. We were amazed. Plus, we got ours first!

Meal: Brown rice, lentils, kidney beans, green beans, spinach, artichokes, chickpea (just one); a salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes in a balsamic dressing; fruit salad with pineapples, strawberries, oranges, grapes, and honeydew; plus a roll and bottled water.

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Vx73 Caledonian Rd, London

This might look like just a vegan boutique, but Vx (pronounced “V cross”) offers lots of pastries and simple sandwiches.

Toasty with vegan “wheaty” (seitan) chorizo with Jeezo vegan cheese. (no picture)

Panini with vegan bacon, ham, and a gherkin with Violife vegan cheese. (no picture)

Plus two chocolate doughnuts and a soya cream filled apple pastry-thingy…(don’t judge)

InSpiral Lounge250 Camden High Street, Camden Lock, London

Unfortunately the light was so low that I couldn’t get a good picture of our food.

Gnocchi with cashew cream spinach sauce and a Caesar Salad.

Risotto bites and a Caesar Salad with some sort of pea side. (Not gonna lie: I cannot remember everything we ate.)

Mildred’s45 Lexington St, London

Chinese Dumplings with kim-chi

Mixed Mushroom porchini and ale pie with mushy peas and chips

Burger of the Day: kidney bean, pepper, back olive, tofu and spring onion with aeoli and sweet potato chips


The Veg Box1-2 Jewry Ln, Bridge, Canterbury

Day 1

Couscous pot with leeks and carrots and a harissa yogurt dipping sauce

Banana, Squash and Chickpea curry with Basmati Rice

Two Chocolate Cupcakes to go! (no picture)

Day 2

Celeriac, leek, and sage soup with a olive and sun-dried tomato pate.


222 Veggie Vegan222 N End Rd, West Kensington, London

*Oyster Mushroom & Spinach Raclette: Spinach and tofu cottage cheese on roasted potatoes, topped with sautéed oyster mushrooms and a light cashew creamy sauce. (Best, richest cashew cream sauce EVER—a very umami flavor and ridiculously smooth.)

Seitan Stroganoff: Seitan strips, caramelized onions, fresh herbs and pepper cubes in (equally as smooth) cashew cream sauce with organic brown basmati rice.

222 Pancake: (Usually with Vanilla Ice Cream) we had this with Raspberry Ice Cream wrapped in wholemeal pancake topped with warm vanilla and chocolate sauces. (no picture)

Cookies and Scream, The Market Hall, Camden Lock Market, London

**a (warmed) Gosh Brownie topped with (Soya) Vanilla Ice Cream!

Plus a Chico Cookie to go for the flight back…


Another better than expected meal…

Meal: couscous with roasted mushrooms, tomatoes and zucchini; bean salad with chickpeas, edamame, baby black beans and peas in some sort of mint sauce; nectarine and raspberry fruit salad; rolls with vegan butter; more free booze.

A Chico Cookie (peanut butter and chocolate chips) from Cookies and Scream!


*The winner for the trip was 222 Veggie Vegan’s Oyster Mushroom & Spinach Raclette — those seared oyster mushrooms and that cashew cream sauce?!?! Sublime.

**Hands down the dessert winner was Cookies and Scream‘s Gosh Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream — what?! you can have a brownie, by itself, for lunch or dinner! On a side note, soy ice cream in the UK is incredibly smooth (almost like soft serve) rather than being ‘icy’ like it is in The States.

It was really nice to be immersed in a large city that afforded us so many options and such diverse, delicious food. That being said, ‘Veg’ and ‘Vegan’ options are getting easier and easier to find no matter where you live, and we can only hope that this trend continues into the future.