nomeatbarefeet turbo… not running.

by nomeatbarefeet


That’s right, barefoot Turbo Fire!  If you will recall way back I wrote about my soulmate workout: Turbo Jam/Fire, read about it here.  I know that the tag line to our blog pegs us as vegan runners, but my knee has other plans.  Over the past few months I have tried on and off to get back on the trails, and each time with minimal success.  So, it was long overdue (a few pounds overdue) to return to some kind of workout that is gentler on my knee than trail running.

A message on my college friend Erin’s Facebook page couldn’t have come at a better time.  A Beachbody coach that she knows was starting a Turbo Fire/T25 12 week challenge… just the motivation I needed.  People that would hold me accountable for doing my workout everyday!  And so I am five days into my challenge, haven’t missed a workout (although I have had to change my “rest” day, due to staff meetings, so my workout differs from others in the challenge), and yes, I am doing it barefoot, because well, I’m on carpet.

I will keep you updated with how it goes.  Of course I would like to loose inches and lbs (an will tell you when I do), but I really just want to feel healthy and be active again, even if it isn’t on the trails.

So, instead of my running send off, “run wild”, I will switch to a Chalene inspired send off:

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