Pupcakes for Arlo’s Birthday

by nomeatbarefeet


4 years ago we brought this sweet, shy little guy into our life. He was already 2 (we think) so Friday was his 6th Birthday!


When we went to an adoption clinic in Albany, the plan was to adopt another dog that we had visited with. That other dog didn’t work out…but this other little guy seemed to take a liking to us: he sat by us, followed us around, and generally showed lots of interest in us…so we took him home!

Since we only knew that we was about 2 years old, we decided to make his birthday on Valentine’s Day—it was about 6 months out from when we adopted him, it was easy to remember and it was an excuse to spoil him!

With that in mind, our Recipe Sunday post is will be… Pupcakes!

The original recipe can be found here. We veganized it by using a flax-egg and agave nectar; we also didn’t use food coloring but instead frozen raspberries for a slightly reddish hue. They didn’t seem to puff up as much as the ones in the original pictures but remember: your dog will eat anything! Arlo scarfed his down and was ready for more. But he’s been getting a bit chunky so we have to space them out.

Give these a try—your dog will certainly thank you!