Hello Running: Racing Season Begins with the Kaynor Sap 10k

by nomeatbarefeet

I haven’t posted about running in a while. It was only at the end of last month that I realized my first race was less than 3 weeks out and I hadn’t really been running all that much. With that setting the background on March 23 I headed over to the Kaynor Sap 10k, my annual marking of racing season for the last 2 years.

I didn’t have high hopes.

I wasn’t prepared.

I had no expectations.

…and yet, the run proved to be revitalizing. As I was running the stretch between miles 2 and 3 I glanced off to my left, looking out over the fields glazed with snow and onto the Green Mountains in the distance. I felt, through my burning lungs and churning legs, a sense of peace and contentment. The warmth of the morning sun seemed to lift me out of the wind’s bite and set me down into a moment of calm transcendence.

The race wasn’t about my time; it wasn’t about where I finished; it became about just being there, at that moment in time, and being what I was meant to be then and there. Maybe it wasn’t where I wanted to be beforehand, maybe I wasn’t as fast as I had hoped, but I couldn’t do anything about that. All I could do was be there and embrace what I was at that moment. I could only push myself towards what I wanted to become (something that is a general theme in my life right now).

The races I am doing this year are filled with lots of familiar favorites, but also some new ones. I don’t feel the need to travel far nor to always do a new race. Getting settled into teaching has eaten up lots of time, so I hope that once I get accustomed to that new aspect of life I will be able to feel comfortable shifting back to a heavier training schedule.

Yesterday it was in the high 40s for the first time——Spring is here (or at least knocking on the door) so I hope to enjoy an increase in time outside as the layers of clothing needed begin to decrease exponentially.

Run Mas