Third Time’s the Charm

by nomeatbarefeet

After three years of trying to get into the Great Adirondack Trail Race I have finally done it. To be more specific: I have finally gotten into the 11.5 mile race, which usually fills up in under 20 minutes. This might sound strange, but the Great Adirondack Trail Race is truly an “old school” race, in that is no online or even mail-in registration: you have to call the morning registration opens and hope you can get it. The past two years I haven’t; so I’ve run the 3.5 mile race which is no pushover. It is damn hard, and fast. But this time around I took a hint from someone after last year’s race and I called 5 minutes early…and let it ring. Shady, perhaps, but I really wanted to run the race. And it paid off.

So on June 14 I’ll be heading back to Keene Valley, NY to run 2900′ of vertical gain and 3100′ of loss. It will be brutal, and I have no delusions about finishing high in the pack like I did with the 3.5 miler. My goal is to just finish. Once I know what I am up against I can hopefully come back next year and improve my performance.

Regardless, it will be a great time. I’ll keep you all up to date as things progress.

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